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A non-touch form of “energy” healing that is more than any other healing modality. Healings are multi-dimensional and can occur on a physical, emotional and/or spiritual level. Reconnective Healing has been the subject of scientific research done by William Tiller and Gary Schwartz and has been the topic of several books. Reconnective Healing does not require a long term commitment. After the recommended three sessions, the option to return is totally dependent on the person's needs and desires.

$75 per session

The Reconnection (TM)

The same vibrational frequencies used in Reconnective Healing can be used to reconnect a person's energy lines to grid lines that encircle the earth and tie us into the fullness of the universe. This is known as The Reconnection and traces a person’s axiatonal (meridian) lines. The purpose is to “reconnect” a person to their soul's purpose and achieve maximum potential. The Reconnection takes place in two sessions and the two sessions are scheduled one to two days apart.

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