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Divorce/Relationship Recovery Seminars

A ten-week psycho-educational seminar for those experiencing loss of a significant love relationship through breakup, separation or divorce. I provide a safe environment for you to explore the emotional, social, and psychological aspects of the separation process. With information, guidance and emotional support you will be able to make your relationship crisis into a creative experience and take charge of your life.

The seminar is based on Dr. Bruce Fisher's “Rebuilding™” model of divorce recovery developed in 1974. Dr. Fisher founded and directed the Family Relations Learning Center in Boulder, Colorado. The seminar is facilitated by Marian Bauman-O'Dell. Marian began facilitating Divorce/Relationship Recovery Seminars in 2001. Marian is the founder of Heart Song Counseling and has over 20 years counseling experience.
Seminar cost is $400.00 ($40.00/session). It is strongly recommended that participants register in advance to guarantee a spot. Registration fee is $40.00 and is applied to the cost of the first session. Included in the seminar fee are the text, “Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends” and scoring and mapping a statistical divorce adjustment scale, a pre and post instrument. In addition, a structured format is followed each week defining goals for each session and specific activities & discussions. Homework assignments provide you with an opportunity to continue the process of self-awareness and growth between sessions. The “Rebuilding:When Your Relationship Ends” workbook is a nice companion to the textbook and is available for purchase if desired.
You will gain the most benefit by attending all 10 weeks and seminar participants gain from everyone's attendance. Cost does not change if you miss any of the 10 weeks. To pre-register or for more information, contact Marian.
Each fear you overcome
gives you strength to
continue your life journey.
Change feeling lonely
to enjoying "aloneness"
Support for
your journey
Guilt and Rejection
What you can feel,
you can heal.
Grief is a crucial
rebuilding block
Damn the S.O.B.
Let go of emotional
investment in lost
or dead relationship
As your self-worth improves,
you're able to move out of
the "divorce pits" and feel
better about yourself.
Taking out the trash
Hiding behind a mask?
Am I really lovable?
Learn to trust yourself
Back to intimate contact with others
Learn to express your unique sexuality
Singleness = Independence + Growth
Make plans for your future
Freedom to be yourself!
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